A daily round robin trivia about your team!

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It's a What?

Knelf for Slack is a habit-forming way to get your team talking.

Each workday Knelfbot sends new questions to different team members and gets everyone to guess what they said.

It only takes a moment.
Yet brings everyone together for a shared experience.

(Don't tell anyone, but it secretly builds trust.)

No one gets left out. Even that guy.

(You know — the one that never thinks anything is funny.)

It's super easy too!

Just add the Knelfbot to your Slack team.

Create a channel just for Knelfbot and your team members.

Add your peeps to the channel (and me too!)

This is where I'll post the results and your team can go for competitive banter and general hilarity.

Once you've done that, the rest is up to me.

Oh, and the first question will be about YOU, you lucky chicken, er, duck.